In 1951, Arthur Ferland and his wife Suzanne open a sawmill on Clough street in Ayers's Cliff and will operate it for the following 7 years. They rapidly hire 2 employees to meet the demands of their clients.

In 1959, they bought a farm nearby and moved in their sawmill to take advantage of the extra space. New equipment was added and a whole new line of spruce products was offered to the construction market.

Arthur Ferland is very selective in buying trees for the sawmill. Size and age of the trees were his primary criteria.

Very early on, their sons Rémi and Onil, are involved in the family business. They help their father everyday after school and will take over the sawmill once Arthur decides to retire. They still maintain the same high standards established by their father in the selection, transformation and drying of the wood.

Since its beginning, the enterprise has never stopped evolving and growing. Today, it offers superior quality products issued from selected pine, cedar, fir and spruce.